DVD Cover Plus


Compose your own CD and DVD covers


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Nowadays, burning a CD or DVD is as usual as listening to music or watch a movie but sometimes you'll prefer to know your burn DVDs and CDs at first sight instead of having to read the handwritten title.

DVD Cover Plus is an excellent choice for those people who want to have their discs identified and ready to be shown to any friend.

You'll be able to create any cover from any picture, add text and edit the composition, so you'll have an easy-to-recognise cover which will make your CD and DVD collection to be more beautiful than ever.

Finally you'll be able to print them from DVD Cover Plus so you won't need a third party program.

DVD Cover Plus is totally free, but you'll have to copy the validation code that appears when you run the program for first time and paste it in the 'Enter Key' text box.

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